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Visa Information for Penn Summer International Students

Penn Summer Visa Information

Full Time Student Status

International students seeking entry into Penn Summer Sessions must maintain full-time status during the summer sessions they seek to study in to fulfill visa requirements. Full time status can be obtained by enrolling in 4 CUs (credit units) during the 12 week session, 2 CUs during the 6 week sessions, or a combination of 2 CUs in the 12 Week Session and 1 CU in each of the 6 week sessions.

Student Visas

Summer Session students come on an F-1 (student) or J-1 (exchange student) visa. Penn issues the Form I-20 (for the F-1 visa) or the Form DS2019 (for the J-1 visa) to eligible students.   

When you are admitted to the IGSP, we will send you information about how to request your Form I-20 or DS2019 from Penn.

The visa is a stamped (or pasted-in) endorsement made in the passport by a US consulate or embassy official outside the US. It indicates that all requirements have been met for entry into the US. The number of entries allowed within a specified period is indicated on the visa stamp and can vary from country to country. A valid visa is essential for entering and reentering the US. However, the visa does not determine the length of time you may remain in the US. Canadian citizens are not required to obtain a visa to enter the US.

For more information on typical visa types for students, visit Penn’s Visa & Immigration Information page.


Immigration regulations state that you are responsible for keeping your passport valid at all times during your stay here. Your passport can be revalidated or renewed through your embassy or consulate.

Penn International Student and Scholar Services

Penn’s International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides core services to international students, visiting scholars, faculty and academic departments at the University of Pennsylvania. The ISSS staff provides advice, information and referrals on matters such as immigration, employment and overseas travel. They can also assist with problems related to social and personal adjustments to a new culture, as well as practical matters related to living in Philadelphia.

Penn Summer Abroad

Visa requirements will vary depending on your nationality. Check with the nearest consulate of the country where to plan to study to determine if you need a visa. Contact the Penn Summer Abroad office for assistance in obtaining required documents. For more information visit Penn Summer Abroad.

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