George Thomas

Civic Visions

George Thomas: B.A. Dickinson College, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania. Presently, Mr. Thomas is the president of George E. Thomas Associates, a consulting firm. He has taught at several area universities including: Bryn Mawr College, Drexel University, Community College of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania. His specialties are in the fields of Urban Studies and Historic Preservation. Mr. Thomas has written a multitude of works that include: Building American’s First University: An Historical and Architectural Guide to the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Thomas has also gone on archeological digs, worked as an architectural photographer, been the curator of numerous exhibitions, and has worked as a consultant for several entities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College.

Courses: URBS 259 (The Post Industrial City), URBS 272-301 (Architecture, Location & Class)