Promise Corps College & Career Ambassadors

Promise Corps College and Career Ambassadors

Promise Corps College and Career Ambassadors (CCAs) will be placed in one of four high schools in Philadelphia’s Promise Zone. The high schools are West Philadelphia, Overbrook, High School of the Future, and Sayre High School.  CCAs will work with high school students and families to ensure that they graduate from high school with strong skill sets, and develop awareness of paths and challenges related to postsecondary opportunities, while working with students to help them develop long-term plans leading to postsecondary entry. CCAs will work with school teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors to identify and recruit students who need additional support.

All members are expected to serve 7:30am-4:30pm with a 30 minute lunch break Monday-Friday while in school service with students. On Professional Development days members serve 8:30am-5:00pm. While a transpass is provided to members to freely travel in Philadelphia proper, members must upgrade their transpass to an alternate zone as needed and are still expected to serve from 7:30am – 4:30pm each day.


·       Support caseload of 50 sophomore, junior and senior students to successful graduation and post-secondary planning, including but not limited to coaching          conversations, career and college exploration, academic tutoring, and long and short term goal setting.

·       Coordinate and implement student and parent services

·       Develop programming in areas such as post-secondary education options, career pathways, college application process, financial aid, career exploration

·       Coordinate and accompany students to college visits and college and career fairs

·       Assist supervisor with planning and program development

·       Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with students, parents, school, community, and partner personnel

·       Attend community events, forums, and other events

·       Participate in community meetings, staff meetings, and training workshops

·       Track and collect data important to track student progress and support program evaluation

See Attachments for details.

Deadline to apply is Tuesday, July 25th.

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