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Ioby is a community of donors, volunteers and leaders creating, funding and implementing neighborhood projects that aim to make their neighborhoods stronger and more sustainable. ioby operates primarily through, a digital crowd-resourcing platform that supports these citizen-led, neighbor-funded initiatives in raising tax-deductible donations, volunteer recruitment and idea sharing. Crowd-resourcing, combining concepts in crowd funding and resource organizing, allows anyone to organize all types of capital — financial capital, social capital, in kind donations, volunteer muscle — from within the community where the project is taking place. ioby launched in beta in mid-2009 as a NYC pilot. Since then they've grown into a national organization, serving projects in more than 120 cities, with more than 600 projects completed with support from more than $2M in citizen philanthropy. Their work has been recognized by the Municipal Arts Society of New York City who awarded them the 2011 Livable Cities Award and by the Rockefeller Foundation who awarded their co-founders the Jane Jacobs Medal for New Technology and Innovation. There are currently open positions in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, Brooklyn, and Washington DC. Find out more here