Ana Cecilia Fieler | Ph.D. Candidate

“Non-Homotheticity and Bilateral Trade: Evidence and a Quantitative Explanation”
Econometrica, 79(4), p. 1069-1101, July 2011, appendix, program and data files

"Trade, Quality Upgrading, and Input Linkages: A Theory with Evidence from Colombia," with Marcela Eslava and Daniel Yi Xu, September 2016, appendix, revise and resubmit at American Economic Review

Work in progress

"Gravity of Unit Prices" with Jonathan Eaton (draft coming soon)

"Home-Market Effects on Innovation" with Justin Caron and Thibault Fally

(draft coming soon)

"Growth and Product Cycles" with Gustavo Camilo

Non-refereed publications
"(Indirect) Input Linkages" American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, 105(5), p. 662-666, 2015

“Mapping the Match between UK Exports and Demand in Emerging Markets: Final Report for the Asia Task Force”, joint with Jonathan Eaton and Ana Maria Santacreu, a report prepared for the United Kingdom Trade & Investment ( UK government organization)

Dormant papers

“Quality Differentiation in International Trade: Theory and Evidence” working paper, 2012, appendix

“Models of Repeated Partnership with Limited Information” mimeo, 2004

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