Max Cavitch

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Karl Abraham, "A Short Study of the Development of the Libido"
Nicholas Abraham, "Notes on the Phantom"
---, "Rhythmizing Consciousness" and "Psychoanalytic Aesthetics"
Nicholas Abraham & Maria Torok, "Notes on Endocryptic Identification"
---, "Mourning or Melancholia: Introjection versus Incorporation" 
John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, 3 July 1776
John Quincy Adams, "Ode to Jefferson"
Joseph Addison, Spectator #411-#421
Theodor Adorno, "The Essay as Form"
---, "On Lyric Poetry and Society"
---, "The Meaning of Working Through the Past" (1959)
---, "Valéry Proust Museum"
Giorgio Agamben, "Bartleby, or On Contingency" (1993)
Louisa May Alcott, "Transcendental Wild Oats"
Sherman Alexie, "Amusements"
---, "A Train Is an Order of Occurrence"
Nora Alter, "The Political Im/perceptible in the Essay Film (1996)
Louis Althusser, "Contradiction and Overdetermination"
Benedict Anderson, "Memory and Forgetting"
Warwick Anderson, "The Case of the Archive" (2013)
William Apess, "Eulogy on King Philip" (1836)
---, "Experiences of Five Christian Indians" (1833)
Aristotle, "On Memory and Reminiscence"
David Armitage, "Three Concepts of Atlantic History"
Isobel Armstrong, "Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy: Narratives of Teaching" (2014)
Matthew Arnold, from Culture and Anarchy (1869)
---, "The Study of Poetry" (1880)
W. H. Auden, "In Memory of Sigmund Freud" (1939)
---, "In Memory of W. B. Yeats" (1939)
---, "Psychology and Art To-Day"
---, "The Unknown Citizen" (1939)
Augustine, Confessions, book 10
Francis Bacon, from The Great Instauration (1620)
Gaston Bachelard, "Rhythmanalysis"
James Baldwin, "Encounter on the Seine (1950)
---, "Equal in Paris" (1955)
---, "An Interview...on Henry James (1986)
---, "The New Lost Generation" (1961)
---, "A Question of Identity" (1954)
---, "This Morning, This Evening, So Soon" (1960)
Jane Barker, "On the Death of My Brother"
---, "On the Death of My Dear Friend"
Allen Barnett, "Philostorgy, Now Obscure"
Georges Bataille, Eroticism, Introduction
Katharine Lee Bates, "America the Beautiful" (1895)
Charles Baudelaire, "New Notes on Edgar Poe"
Sidney Bechet, from Treat It Gentle (1960)
Gabriella Bedetti, "Henri Meschonnic: Rhythm as Pure Historicity" (1992)
Aphra Behn, "On the Death of...Rochaester"
George Berkeley, "On the Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning in America" (1752)
Jessica Benjamin, "The Oedipal Riddle"
---,  "The Primal Leap of Psychoanalysis, from Body to Speech" (1998)
Walter Benjamin, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" (1936)
Paula Bernat Bennett, Introduction to Nineteenth-Century American Women Poets (1998)
Emile Benveniste, "The Notion of 'Rhythm' in Its Linguistic Expression" (1951)
Sacvan Bercovitch, "The Vision of History," from Puritan Origins of the American Self (1975)
Lauren Berlant, "The Female Woman" (1991)
Lauren Berlant & Michael Warner, "What Does Queer Theory Teach Us about X?" (1995)
Jeffrey Berman, "The Talking Cure" (1985)
John Berryman, "Homage to Mistress Bradstreet" (1953)
---, "The marker slants..."
---, "Wash Far Away"
---, "Your Birthday in Wisconsin You Are 140"
Bhagavad Gita, chs. 8-12
Bion, "Lament for Adonis" and Moschus, "Lament for Bion"
Elizabeth Bishop, "North Haven"
---, "One Art"
Maurice Blanchot, "Madness par excellence" (1951)
David Blight, from Race and Reunion (2001)
Harold Bloom, "Apophrades"
Nellie Bly, Ten Days in a Mad-House
Jay Bochner, "The Marriage of Rogue and The Soil" (2008)
Luc Bolatanski, "The Aesthetic Topic" (1993)
Christopher Bollas, Free Association (2002)
Stefano Bolognini, "My Dog Doesn't Know Descartes" (2011)
Marie Bonaparte, Topsy (1940)
Jorge Luis Borges, "Funes, the Memorious"
T. Coraghesan Boyle, "Captured by the Indians" (1999)
Anne Bradstreet, "An Elegy upon...Philip Sidney" (1650)
---, "To the Memory of My...Father" (1653)
Néstor Braunstein, "Desire and Jouissance in the Teachings of Lacan" (2003)
Mitchell Robert Breitwieser, "The Society of the Example"
John Brenkman, "The Concrete Utopia of Poetry: Blake's 'A Poison Tree'" (1985)
Philip Bromberg, "The Nearness of You" (2010)
---, from Standing in the Spaces (1998) 
Emily Brontë, "No coward soul is mine" (1846)
---, "Remembrance" (1845)
---, "Stanzas" (1840)
Peter Brooks, "Changes in the Margins: Construction, Transference, and Narrative" (1994)
Charles Brockden Brown, Edgar Huntly; or, Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker (1799)
William Wells Brown, "St. Domingo" (1854)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "A Curse for a Nation" (1844)
---, "L.E.L.'s Last Question" (1844)
---, "Mother and Poet" (1861)

---, "The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point" (1850)
Robert Browning, "An Epistle" (1855)
---, "Caliban upon Setebos" (1864)
---,  "Essay on Shelley" (1851)
---, "Fra Lippo Lippi" (1855)
---, Men and Women (1855)
Orestes Brownson, Oration ["American Literature"] (1839)
---, "The Laboring Classes" (1840)
William Cullen Bryant, "An Indian at the Burying-Place of His Fathers" (1824)
---, "The Prairies" (1832)
---, "A Story of the Island of Cuba" (1830)
---, "Summer Wind" (1824)
---, "Thanatopsis"
---, "To an American Painter Departing for Europe" (1829)
---, "To a Waterfowl"
Joseph Stevens Buckminster, "Social Blessings of Americans"
Inge Bundsgaard, "The Question of Access: The Right to Social Memory versus the Right to Social Oblivion" (2006)
Judith Butler, "Melancholy Gender--Refused Identification" (1995)
Lord Byron, Thyrza poems
Sharon Cameron, Introduction and Chapter 2 from Lyric Time (1979)
Matthew Carey, A Short Account of the Malignant Fever... (1st ed., Nov. 1793)
Thomas Carlyle, "Characteristics" (1831)
Anne Carson, "Sumptuous Destitution"
Angela Carter, "The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe" (1985)
Alice Cary, "The Washerwoman"
Willa Cather, "Paul's Case"
Max Cavitch, "American Constitutional Elegy" (2010)
---, "Audience Terminable and Interminable" (2005)
---, "Clericus and the Lunatick" (2014)
"Curbside Quarantine: A Scene of Interspecies Mediality" (2012)
---, "Dickinson and the Exception" (2008)
---, "Dissociative Reading--Philip Bromberg and Emily Dickinson" (2007)
---, "Genre" (2012)
---, "Emma Lazarus and the Golem of Liberty" (2008)
---, "Interiority and Artifact: Death and Self-Inscription in Thomas Smith's Self-Portrait" (2002)
---, "Irregulars" (2013)
---, "Lament" (2012)
---, "Michael Lucas and the Pornography of Migration" (2010)
---, "The Poetry of Phillis Wheatley in Slavery's Recollective Economies, 1773 to the Present" (2014)
---, "Retrievements Out of the Night," from American Elegy (207)
---, "Sex after Death: François Ozon's Libidinal Invasions" (2007)
---, "Slavery and Its Metrics" (2011)
---, "Stephen Crane's Refrain" (2008)
William Ellery Channing, Farley ordination sermon ["Likeness to God"] (1828)
Roger Chartier, "Labourers and Voyagers: From the Text to the Reader" (1992)
Geoffrey Chaucer, "The Book of the Duchess" (c. 1370)
Charles Chesnutt, "Dave's Neckliss"
Lydia Maria Child, "Slavery's Pleasant Homes" (1843)
E. M. Cioran, "Mechanism of Utopia"
Hélène Cixous, "Stigmata, or Job the Dog" (1997)
Amy Clampitt, "Amherst"
---, "A Procession at Candlemas"
Cheryl Clarke, "A Poet's Death"
Lucille Clifton, "The Lost Baby Poem" (1972)
J. M. Coetzee, "Taking Offense" (1996)
Michael Cohen, "Popular Ballads: Rhythmic Remediations in the Nineteenth Century"
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "Christabel" (1816)
"On the Slave Trade" (1796)
---, opium letters (1814-32)
Marquis de Condorcet, "Future Progress of Mankind" (1795)
Ken Corbett, "Boyhood Femininity, Gender Identity Disorder, Masculine Presuppositions, and the Anxiety of Regulation" (2009)
Peter Coviello, "Agonizing Affection"
Elizabeth Cowie, "Documentary Desire: Seeing for Ourselves and Identifying in Reality" (2011)
Abraham Cowley, "On the Death of Mrs. Katherine Philips" (1667)
Hart Crane, "To Emily Dickinson" (1927)
Stephen Crane, selected poems (1895, 1899)
Robert Creeley, "Reflections on Whitman in Age"
Douglass Crimp, "Mourning and Militancy" (1989)
Stanley Crouch, "Blues to Be Constitutional" (1995)
Countee Cullen, "Lament"
---, "Threnody for a Brown Girl"
Richard Cureton, Telling Time: Toward a Temporal Poetics (2001)
Samuel Danforth, "A Brief Recognition of New-Englands Errand into the Wilderness" (1670)
Lucretia Davidson, "Auction Extraordinary"
---, "Lines Written under the Promise of Reward"
Jody Messler Davies, "Love in the Afternoon: A Relational Reconsideration of Desire and Dread in the Countertransference" (1994)
Rebecca Harding Davis, "Life in the Iron-Mills" (1861)
Declaration of Sentiments (1848)
Philip Deloria, from Playing Indian (1998)
Paul de Man, "Anthropomorphism and Trope in the Lyric" (1984)
---, "Autobiography as De-Facement"
---, "Shelley Disfigured" (1984)
Jacques Derrida, "Cogito and the History of Madness"
---, "Des Tours de Babel" (1985)
---, "Foi et savoir" 
---, "The Law of Genre" (1980)
---, "Les Morts de Roland Barthes" (1981)
---, "Living On" (1977)
---, "La parole soufflée"
---, "Telepathy" (1979)
---, "What Is a 'Relevant' Translation?" (2001)
"Dialogue Between Two Southern Gentlemen and a Negro" (1852)
Philip K. Dick, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale"
Charles Dickens, "Philadelphia, and Its Solitary Prison (1842)
Emily Dickinson, "I heard a Fly buzz"
---, selections for English 100 fall 2014]
Melvin Dixon, "One by One" (1989)
Mary Ann Doane, "Female Spectatorship and Machines of Projection" (1987)
John Donne, Anniversaries and a Funeral Elegy
---, "The Dissolution"
---, "A Nocturnall upon S. Lucies Day"
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---, "What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?" (1852)
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---, "Ode, Inscribed to W. H. Channing"
---, Parisian letters and journals (1833, 1848)
---, "The Poet" (1844)
---, "Threnody" (1846)
---, "Voluntaries" (1867)
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Frantz Fanon, from Black Skin, White Masks
     "The Negro and Psychopathology"
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---, "Psychoanalysis and Education: Teaching Terminable and Interminable" (1982)
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---, "Babylon Revisited" (1931)
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Ed Folsom et al., cluster on Whitman and "database as genre" (2007)
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---, "The Father's 'No'" (1962)
---, "The Proper Use of Liberty" and "Birth of the Asylum," from History of Madness
---, "What Is an Author?" (1969)
Charles Fourier, selections from The Theory of the Four Movements (1808)
Benjamin Franklin, self-epitaph
Philip Freneau, "The Indian Burying Ground" (1787)
---, "On the Emigration to America and Peopling the Western Country" (1785)
---, "The Prophecy of King Tammany" (1782)
Sigmund Freud, "Analysis Terminable and Interminable" (1937)
---,  "The Antithetical Meaning of Primal Words"
---, "An Autobiographical Study" (1925)
---, "Constructions in Analysis" (1937)
---, "Delusions and Dreams in Jensen's Gradiva" (1907)
---, "The Dissolution of the Oedipus Complex" (1924)
---, "Dostoevsky and Parricide" (1928)
---, "The Ego and the Super-Ego"
---, "Formulations on the Two Principles of Mental Functioning"
---, from The Interpretation of Dreams
     chapter VI. "The Dream-Work," part A
chapter VI. "The Dream-Work," parts B-E
chapter VI. "The Dream-Work," parts F-G
chapter VI. "The Dream-Work," parts H-I
---, "Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His Childhood" (1923)
"Mourning and Melancholia"
---, "A Note Upon the 'Mystic Writing-Pad'" (1924)
---, "Observations on Transference-Love"
---, "On Beginning the Treatment"
---, "On Transience" (1915)
---, "Psycho-Analytic Notes on an Autobiographical Account of a Case of Paranoia" (1911)
---, "Remembering, Repeating and Working-Through" (1924)
---, "The Theme of the Three Caskets"
---, "Thoughts for the Times on War and Death" (1915)
---, from Three Essays
     "Infantile Sexuality"
---, "The Uncanny" (1919)
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---, "I have come to claim Marilyn Monroe's body"
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---, "Whitman's 'Whoever You Are Holding Me Now in Hand': Remarks on the Endlesly Repeated Rediscovery of the Incommensurability of the Person" (1996)
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---, "Death's Door"
---, "In the Post Office"
---, "The Missing"
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---, "Bury Me in a Free Land"
---, "Learning to Read"
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---, "Kneading"
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---, "Ought Women to Learn the Alphabet?"
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Book 1
Book 2, chapter 1
Book 2, chapter 10
Book 2, chapter 27
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Attestation, Poems, General Introduction, etc.
Book I, chs. 1-4
Book II, ch. 4 ("Nehemias Americanus")
---, on poetry, from Manuductio Ministerium (1726)
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---, "Bartleby, The Scrivener" (from Putnam's Monthly Magazine)
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