Max Cavitch

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Fall 2015
Madness of American Literature (graduate)  syllabus
Poe and Popular Culture  syllabus

Spring 2015

Literatures of Psychoanalysis
Dissertation Workshop

Fall 2014 American Literature: Memory
Philadelphia Fire: Art and Politics in America from the Declaration of Independence to the MOVE Bombing (LPS Proseminar)

other courses taught American Fiction and Memory
American Poetry

American Short Fiction to 1900
Americans in Paris
American Women Writers
Atlanticisms (graduate proseminar)
Art, Addiction, and Modernity

Cinema and Psychoanalysis
Emily Dickinson at Large (Freshman Seminar)
Forming and Reforming American Literature: 1820-1860 (graduate)
Forms of Encounter
Futures of American Poetry (graduate)
Histories of Forgetting (graduate)
Introduction to Literature: Dangerous Writers
Literature of the Americas to 1900
Memory of Slavery (MLA proseminar)
Mourning and Sexuality in the English Elegy
Mourning and Sexuality in the English Elegy (graduate)
Mourning Literatures, Mourning Cultures
Narrativism and Historical Poetics: The Nineteenth Century (graduate)
Poetry and Pace in the Early U.S.
Slavery and the Literary Imagination
Transatlantic Traffic: London, Philadelphia, and the World: 1666-1876
Transcendentalism in America
Undergraduate Honors Seminar
Whitman and Williams: Contact, Utopia (graduate, with Bob Perelman)
Worlds of English Poetry, 1660-1912