2013. The Political Power of Protest: Minority Activism and Shifts in Public Policy. Cambridge University Press.


Books in Preparation:

In Progress. Governing with Words: The Political Dialogue on Race, Public Policy, and Inequality in America. All chapters drafted and under review with Cambridge University Press in September 2014.

Sample Chapters:
Introduction [pdf]
Chapter 6 [pdf]


Journals and Book Chapters:

2012. “The Influence of Protest Activity on Congressional Behavior: The Scope of Minority Protests in the District.” Journal of Politics.

2010. “Expanding the Possibilities: A Toolbox Theory of Political Participation” with Fredrick Harris. Oxford Handbook of American Elections and Behavior. ed. Jan Leighley. Oxford University Press. 144-161

2009. “Exploring the Micro-Dynamics of Political Participation: Unpacking Trends in Black and White Activism Over Time” with Valeria Sinclair-Chapman and Robert Walker. Electoral Studies. 28 (4) 550:561


Articles Under Review:

“Representation Congruence and Political Accountability: The Link between Racial Remarks and Policy Decisions”. [pdf]

“Education, Party Polarization and the Origins of the Partisan Gender Gap” with Jonathan Ladd and Marc Meredith. [pdf]

“Protest Impact on Electoral Outcomes” with Sarah Soule. [pdf]

"President's Race Conscious Dialogue on Health and the Impact on the Minority Community”. [pdf]


Working Papers:

“Income Inequality and Government’s Attention to Racial and Ethnic Minority Policies'”

“The Paradox of Descriptive Representation in the Executive Office: Racial Rhetoric and Presidential Approval”

“The Push and Pull of African Americans Support for the Democratic Party" with Jonathan Ladd and Marc Meredith





















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