Justin F. Landy, MA

Department of Psychology

University of Pennsylvania

3720 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104




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2015 Ph.D. (in progress) Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
2011 M.A. Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
2010 B.A. Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, Cornell University
2010 B.A. Religious Studies, Cornell University

Advisor: Geoffrey Goodwin, Ph.D.

Paul Rozin, Ph. D.
Philip Tetlock, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in moral judgment, studied as a social psychological phenomenon. I currently have projects (in various stages of completion) related to the role of perceived moral character in person perception and stereotyping, how people argue for their moral beliefs, and the consequences for moral judgment of considering humanity to be one's moral ingroup. I am also conducting a meta-analysis on the impact of incidental physiological disgust on the severity of people's moral judgments. For more detailed information about any of my projects, please feel free to contact me by email.


Royzman, E. B., Landy, J. F., & Leeman, R. F. (in press). Are thoughtful people more utilitarian? CRT as a unique predictor of moral minimalism in the dilemmatic context. Cognitive Science. [link]

Royzman, E., Atanasov, P., Landy, J. F., Parks, A., & Gepty, A. (2014). CAD or MAD? Anger (not disgust) as the predominant response to pathogen-free violations of the Divinity code. Emotion, 14, 892-907. [link]

Royzman, E. B., Landy, J. F., & Goodwin, G. P. (2014). Are good reasoners more incest-friendly? Trait cognitive reflection predicts selective moralization in a sample of American adults. Judgment and Decision Making, 9, 175-190. [link]

Goodwin, G. P. & Landy, J. F. (2014). Valuing different human lives. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 143, 778-803. [link]

Piazza, J., Landy, J. F., & Goodwin, G. P. (2014). Cruel nature: Harmfulness as an important, overlooked dimension in judgments of moral standing. Cognition, 131, 108-124. [link]

Piazza, J. & Landy, J. F. (2013). "Lean not on your own understanding": Belief that morality is founded on divine authority and non-utilitarian moral judgments. Judgment and Decision Making, 8, 639-661. [link]


Teaching Experience:

Fall 2012: Certificate in Collegiate Teaching, University of Pennsylvania Center for Teaching and Learning

Fall 2013: Teaching Assistant for Psychology 170, Social Psychology

Spring 2013: Teaching Assistant for Psychology 170, Social Psychology

Fall 2012: Teaching Assistant for Psychology 001, Introduction to Experimental Psychology

Spring 2012: Teaching Assistant for Psychology 170, Social Psychology

Fall 2011: Teaching Assistant for Psychology 253, Judgments and Decisions