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Daisy Kungah, Billiluna


Artist's Story

A long, long time ago, a star fell down to make Wolfe Creek Crater. It was like a big comet falling from the sky. This happened before Kartiyas (Whites) came and before we were here. We were inside, we weren’t born yet. Then a big rock made a hole in the middle of the crater.

A snake came from the west, traveling high, and fell down into Wolfe Creek Crater. It made its home in the hole in the crater. This hole is not shallow — it goes down deep into the earth, all the way through to Red Rock on Sturt Creek. When rain falls the water rises up in the middle of the crater and you might sink down. Then the whole ground is soft and dangerous. One Kartiya already sank there. In the dry time it is safe to go down, the ground is hard there.

Nobody knew the crater was there. Afterwards we found this place. I know this story. My mother and father taught me. They knew all about it. Now lots of tourists come to this place. There is a sign to tell them about the crater.



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