Jeffery G. Saven

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Presently, the Saven group uses primarily theory and computation to study biomolecules, polymers, and condensed phase systems. Most of the research involves the application of statistical mechanics to liquids and macromolecules.

A current thrust of the group involves computational protein design and developing computational tools for understanding the properties of protein sequences consistent with a chosen three-dimensional structure. The group works closely with experimental groups at Penn and at other universities; some group members are involved in joint theoretical/experimental projects.

Recent projects involve the design of soluble and membrane bound proteins, discerning the origins of conservation in naturally occurring proteins, biomolecular simulation, design of nonbiological folding molecules, and developing “physically-based” search methods for sequence databases.

You can learn more about my research interests at my Chemistry Department page.

114 residue metalloprotein designed and synthesized in collaboration with the group of William DeGrado.