Welcome to the Subotnik Research Group


Research Focus:

Research in the Subotnik group focuses on three different areas in chemical physics: electron  and energy transfer, molecular conduction, and electronic structure theory (with an emphasis on excited states). Broadly speaking, we are interested in merging electronic structure theory techniques and nonadiabatic dynamics towards understanding the behavior of quantum mechanical electrons in condensed environments.  See our research page for more information.


Representative Publications:

Landry and Subotnik. Standard Surface Hopping Predicts Incorrect Scaling for Marcus’ Golden-Rule Rate: The Decoherence Problem Cannot Be Ignored J. Chem. Phys. Communication   135, 191101   (2011)   [PDF]     AccessJCP

Subotnik.   Configuration interaction singles has a large systematic bias against charge-transfer states

J. Chem. Phys.  Communication  135, 071104   (2011)     [PDF]        AccessJCP

    Subotnik, Cave, Steele and Shenvi.

   The Initial and Final States of Electron and Energy Transfer Processes: Diabatic States as Motivated by System-Solvent Interactions

    Access JCP            [PDF]]