Yune-Sang Lee, Ph.D.

My Music



I played the guitar (both electric & acoustic) in several INDIE ROCK Bands since I entered the college. My rock band career culminated during the senior year, when our band (we named 'NoThanks') had a regular show every week in one of the most popular underground rock clubs ('Free Bird') in Seoul, South Korea. Several other colleague bands including 'Cherry Filter', 'Pia', and 'Wiretap In My Ear' during the time have become popular in S. korea's overground music scene after going through the dark and long tunnel of underground (How admirable!).

By contrast, our band broke up after graduation from college. While other members were pursuing their careers outside of the music field, I decided to remain in the music industry by working as a commercial music director at Tokkaebi music production (after a year stint at Samsung Card). During that period, I composed, produced, and directed a number of music projects for television commercials, movies, and for event commencement. Check out some of my music portfolio below.

I no longer play the guitar in the band since I came to U.S.A., but I had a few times that I performed for church service and social gatherings (check out some video clip of my playing below).


Guitar Show

He binds the heart broken

Pigs in the dorm

Symphony of destruction

Into the Chaos