Celebrating the Century?

The Seventeenth Annual International Colloquium on

Twentieth-Century French Studies

March 30-April 2, 2000


Organizing committee: Philippe Met, Lydie Moudileno, Gerald Prince, Michele Richman

All topics welcome, including, of course, topics focusing on film, the media, the arts, etc. Submit a proposal for a paper by sending--before October 15, 1999 and in hard copy--a title and an abstract of 100-150 words as well as your email and snailmail addresses to G. Prince, 521 Williams Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Phila, PA 19104-6305. Submit a proposal for a session by sending to G. Prince--before October 15, 1999 and in hard copy--your email and snailmail addresses, a title for the session, and a title cum 100-150 word abstract for each paper in the session together with the name and addresses of each speaker.

A costume reception/ball is being planned: personnages et personnes du XXe siècle français et francophone. Start working on your costumes!

Registration/Inscription. Click here to register on line or by hard copy.

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