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Program Costs -- MISEP & MCEP


Tuition Expenses:

  • Tuition for Penn STI program courses is currently $1180/course plus a General Fee of $180/course for a total cost of $1360/course.  
  • Your Penn bill, then, will be $1360 per course, or $453.33 per credit hour -- a very competitive tuition rate for a Penn degree program that is very unique!  

Participants from Core Partner School Districts:

  • Core Partner participants will each receive a $1500 per course stipend* through our NSF funding and,
  • We try very hard to have free parking available for both the summer session and Saturday classes.
  • Core Partner participants tuition bottom line:  If you use your stipend for tuition, you will have enough left over to also make a substantial dent in your textbook purchases!

Other Costs for All Participants:

  • Your own transportation to and from Penn for classes
  • Your own textbooks and supplies for all courses
  • If you are living on campus during the summer, your own housing expenses
  • Any expenses related to your owning a good home computer and reliable high speedd internet access from your home -- this home computer and access is a requirement!
  • Your personal copy of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint – which may be purchased through the Penn Computer Connection at an educational discount once you are enrolled as a Penn student
  • Your own parking costs should you choose to park closer to your classes than our free parking alternative.

*In order to maintain your stipend and/or remain in the program, you must:

  • Remain in the Penn STI program with your cohort class**,
  • Maintain a B (3.0) grade point average, and
  • Receive no grade less than a C (2.0) in any course.

**Should health or personal circumstances develop for which you need special consideration of this criteria you should contact the Program Director of the Penn STI immediately.

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