Evaluation -- the tools by which you will prove that your research was successful and/or met your pre-determined goals -- is essential.

For NSF, evaluation is also a means to hold researchers accountable for the funds they received, just as research results and publications support accountability for funds used for research activities.

Fortunately, the SOI has expertise on measuring the impact of effort on STEM learning and teaching and can design an appropriate evaluation plan for your proposal.

To help plan for evaluation, we recommend use of a logic model. Logic models are a “graphic representation of a project that shows the relationships between what you propose to do and the results you will achieve.” (Howlett and Bourque, 2011)

Try filling in a logic model before you meet with us, or do so after an initial meeting. We recommend trying one of these:

Additional resources:

  • Howlett, S. and Bourque, R. Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals. Fifth Ed. Seattle: Word & Raby Publishing. 2011.
  • CAISE Evaluation Resources