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There is a simple way to join forces with fellow alumni to ensure an equally rich and rewarding experience at the College for those who will follow in your footsteps: Take the first step and make a gift—any amount matters and is deeply appreciated—to the Penn Arts and Sciences Annual Fund. You can be assured that your support will be directed to Penn Arts and Sciences specifically, and will have a direct and immediate impact on College undergraduates.

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Change Lives by Supporting Students

Scholarships transform students’ lives. By making the promise of a world-class education a reality for the most talented students, regardless of social and economic background, scholarships at Penn open doors to a brighter future for thousands every year.

Now that Penn has substituted grants for loans in all financial-aid packages, no Penn student need graduate with an insupportable burden of debt. The College of Arts and Sciences—home to more than two-thirds of all Penn undergraduates—shoulders most of the cost of this vital commitment through its annual operating budget.

Young Alumni can double their impact through challenge funds to create a scholarship supporting one student each year in perpetuity. This option is available to alumni up to 10 years after graduation. 

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Other ways to support Penn Arts and Sciences

Learn more about ways to support Penn Arts and Sciences—including enhancing undergraduate education, supporting graduate fellowships, endowing professorships, and gifts to help transform campus.

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