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Dwight Wu

Dwight Wu entered the Ancient History program in 2011. He received his BA (2006) and MA (2009) in Foreign Languages and Literature from National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan. He is interested in the various and changing forms of administrative control in the ancient Mediterranean.

His dissertation studies Roman provincial administration in northern Anatolia, with particular focus on the so-called “restpontisches Koinon,” coined by Christian Marek in 1993 to describe an elusive league of cities in Paphlagonian Pontus. Based on the survey of epigraphical evidence, the dissertation use three approaches to examine the formation, function and significance of this sub-provincial organization: 1) identifying potential “koinon-wide" practices such as time-reckoning, the formation of regional elites, and circulation of coinage issues; 2) dating changes of the restpontisches koinon from the literary, epigraphic, and numismatic evidence; 3) exploring the dynamics of between the restpontisches Koinon, the Koinon of Bithynia, and the provincial governor, especially during the reign of Antoninus Pius, when Bithynia-et-Pontus changed from senatorial to imperial province. The aim of the dissertation is to develop a Pontic (as opposed to the Bithynian) perspective to understand how a double-province worked through time. 

He was a Regular Member and a Penn Museum Colburn Fellow at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens from 2015 to 2016. He is an associate member and a Edward Capps fellow of the American School from 2016 to 2017, where he aims to study the regional koina in the Roman province of Macedonia as comparanda to his dissertation work.