Against Gravity

Denis Jolshin

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Brick Decoration of the Churches in Kievan Rus'
Brick decoration was an integral part of the early architecture of Kievan Rus’, which emergence had been due to the “Greek builders” (in the year 989). Considering the bricks and brickwork of the churches of Kiev, Chernigov, and Pereyaslavl’ reveals the “handwriting” of the different Byzantine builders, at least five groups in the 11th century. The research of the brick decoration is limited by the several dozens of the survived monuments, yet they witness for the long life of some typical Byzantine motives, as the meander and dogtooth cornice, in the Russian soil, up to the early 13th century. Another techniques as the clustered pilasters and the treating of the mortar bands imitating the cloisonnée technique, were in use no longer than the work of the builders who brought them.