Against Gravity

Marco Brambilla

Tepe Nur, an Unknown Ilkhanid Monument in Sultaniyya
The plain of Sultaniyya is generally known for its citadel and the magnificent mausoleum of Sultan Uljaiytu, dating from the early 14th century. The area around the historic city of Sultaniyya contains however a large number of historic monuments dating from the Ilkhanid period, including several Buddhist monuments, like the dragon stone carvings of Dash Kassan to the south west of Sultaniyya and the Buddhist monastery of Behistan to the North West of the city. But in close proximity of the citadel, at about 1500 meters to the South West of the citadel of Sultaniyya there is a large tepe, virtually unexplored and unknown to date.

A small area of the tepe was excavated in 1970s and the lower levels of a magnificent structure were discovered. However to date it has not been studied and besides a rudimentary summary of its description by Ganjavi, no documentation exists about this complex.