Coming Events

About the nuraghe: ancient colonialism and rural exploitation at S'Urachi, Sardinia
24 January 2020
Peter Van Dommelen
Penn Museum Classroom M2

New Themes in Ancient History: Scholarship and Pedagogy
25 January 2020

Silver Center for Arts and Science Jurow Hall

The Culinary and Industrial History of Sturgeon in the Delaware Valley
27 January 2020
Teagan Schweitzer
Penn Museum 345

The Death of the Individual: Wholeness and Fragmentation in Ancient Greek Burials
28 January 2020
Cicek Tascioglu Beeby
ISAW ISAW Lecture Hall

30 January 2020
Johanna Hanink
Cohen Hall 402

31 January 2020
Gretchen Meyers
Penn Museum M2

Ancient DNA Insights into the Deep History of Human Populations in Africa and the Pacific
3 February 2020
David Reich
Biomedical Research Building Gaulton Auditorium

Overturning of Space and Time: The End of the Inca Empire
5 February 2020
Clark Erickson
Penn Museum Harrison Auditorium

The Material Culture of Personal Adornment in Ancient China
7 February 2020
Sheri Lullo
Faculty House

The Time of Achilles: On Cy Twombly’s “Fifty Days at Iliam” (1978)
10 February 2020
Brooke Holmes
Lincoln Center Campus South Lounge

The Pasts of Marini’s Futures
11 February 2020
Clemente Marconi and Ann Kuttner
421 Broome St., NY 4th Floor

Beyond Cereals: exploring agricultural and food nuance in the Indus Civilisation
17 February 2020
Jennifer Bates
Penn Museum 345

Pet Animals in Roman Antiquity: Reconstructions from Archaeological Evidence
20 February 2020
Michael MacKinnon
McCormick Hall 106

Cheap Substitutes or Fashionable Luxuries? The Use of Iron Mirrors in the Eastern Han
21 February 2020
Yanlong Guo
Faculty House

Egyptology’s Diverse History
22 February 2020
Vanessa Davies
Penn Museum Classroom L1