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2018-19 Speaker Series

Co-Sponsors: Perry World House, Fels Institute of Government, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Center for Ethics and Rule of Law, Center for the Study of Contemporary China, Department of Russian and East European Studies, Marginalized Populations Project, Department of Political Science, Department of Africana Studies, Center for Media at Risk

DEMOCRACY IN TROUBLE?,The Mitchell Center's 2018-19 Speakers Series, is driven by a growing sense that democratic governance is under siege around the world.  New democracies such as Poland and Hungary are reverting to authoritarian practices.  Voters throughout the West – and elsewhere – have shown a willingness to jettison democratic institutions and norms to pursue the narrow interests of national, linguistic, or religious groups.  Commitment to democracy has waned in particular among young people. The United States and other countries have witnessed demagogic attacks on the media, the courts, and an array of perceived internal enemies.  “Democracy in Trouble?” seeks to both examine and counter these trends with wide-ranging discussions that reach our entire campus community and beyond.

Featured speakers include Francis Fukuyama (Stanford University), Ruth Ben-Ghiat (New York University), Ari Berman (The Nation), Jason Brennan (University of Arizona), Ariane Chebel D’Appollonia (Sciences Po and Rutgers University), Helene Landemore-Jelaca (Yale University), Stephen Levitsky (Harvard University), Julia Mead (New York Magazine), Yascha Mounk (Harvard University), Cas Mudde (University of Georgia), Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin), Siva Vaidhvanathan (University of Virginia), Janine Wedel (George Mason University), and Chris Zepada-Milan (UC Berkeley).