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During January 23 Debate, Featuring Guest Jamelle Bouie, PPU Resolves 15-7 that Trump's Immigration Policies are Rooted in Racist Ideology

Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 12:30pm

On January 23, New York Times columnist JAMELLE BOUIE joined the five caucuses of the Penn Political Union to debate the resolution, "The Trump administration's immigration policies are rooted in racist ideology." Bouie held down the affirmative end of the debate, while Justin Greenman (Chair, Conservative Caucus), Jay Smith, and Harrison Selznick (College Republicans), argued against the resolution. The final tally was Progressives 4-0 in favor, Liberals 5-0 in favor, Centrists 5-2 in favor, and Conservatives 5-1 against. (There were no Libertarian votes.)