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Undergraduate Research Fellow SAMANTHA STEIN Co-authors Op-Ed for the Journal of Medical Ethics Blog

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 9:45am

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2020-21 Mitchell Center Undergraduate Research Fellow Samantha Stein has co-authored an op-ed for the Journal of Medical Ethics Blog on providing care for patients who, during health crises, are deemed too ill to benefit from medical interventions that are in short supply. Stein and her co-author, Penn anesthesiologist Justin Clapp, point out that in these situations palliative care is also often scarce, leading to suffering by patients who, in the case of Covid-19, drown in their own fluids. They suggest that more flexible requirements for physician assisted suicide may be necessary during these crises.

A Health and Societies major, Stein presented her paper, "When All Is Experimental: Marshalling Ethics Aesthetics Through Autonomy Formulations in Urban U.S. Emergency Medicine Research," to the Undergraduate Research Seminar.