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Faculty Workshop Planning Committees

2017-18: States of Religious Freedom

Chair: Heather Sharkey (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
Ram Cnaan (Social Policy and Practice)
Jamal Elias (Religious Studies)
Sarah Barringer Gordon (Penn Law)
Michele Margolis (Political Science)
Melissa Wilde (Sociology)
Jolyon Thomas (East Asian Languages and Civilizations)

2016-17: Citizenship on the Edge: Sex/Gender/Race

Chair: Nancy Hirschmann (Political Science / Alice Paul Center)
Sharrona Pearl (Annenberg School)
Melissa Sanchez (English)
Deborah Thomas (Anthropology)

2015-16: Digital Media and Democracy

Chair: Michael X. Delli Carpini (Annenberg School)
Sandra González-Bailón (Annenberg School)
David Grazian (Sociology)
Jeffrey Green (Political Science)
Christopher Yoo (Penn Law)

2014-15: Post-Neoliberal Latin America

Co-Chair: Tulia Falleti (Political Science)
Co-Chair: Emilio Parrado (Sociology)
Ann Farnsworth-Alvear (History)
Mauro Guillen (Wharton School)
Deborah Thomas (Anthropology)

2013-14: Social Rights and Citizenship

Chair: Julia Lynch (Political Science)
Philippe Bourgois (Anthropology)
Cynthia Connolly (Nursing)
Emily Hannum (Sociology and Education)
Michael Katz (History)
Mark Stern (Social Policy and Practice)

2012-13: Constitution Making

Chair: Richard Beeman (History)
William Burke-White (Law)
Sarah Gordon (Law)
Brendan O'Leary (Political Science)
Rogers M. Smith (Political Science)
Susanna Wing (Political Science, Haverford College)

2011-12: Corporations and Citizenship

Chair: Gregory Urban (Anthropology)
Jill Fisch (Law)
Erin Graham (Penn Press)
Nien-hê Hsieh (Wharton [currently Harvard])
Walter Licht (History)
Douglas Lynch (Graduate School of Education)
Amy Sepinwall (Wharton)
Rogers M. Smith (Political Science)

2010-11: Race and Ethnicity

Co-Chair: Camille Charles (Sociology)
Co-Chair: Barbara Savage (History)
Eiichiro Azuma (History)
Adolph Reed (Political Science)
Rogers M. Smith (Political Science)

2009-10: Sovereignty and Territoriality

Chair: Kok-chor Tan (Philosophy)
Sigal Ben-Porath (Graduate School of Education)
Tulia Falleti (Political Science)
Amy Kaplan (English)
Anne Norton (Political Science)
Peter Spiro (Temple Law School)

2008-09: Civic Representation

Chair: Jack Nagel (Political Science)
Richard Beeman (History)
Richard Johnston (Political Science [currently U. British Columbia])
Diana Mutz (Annenberg School and Political Science)
Vincent Price (Annenberg School [currently Penn Provost])
Joel Waldfogel (Wharton School [currently U. Minnesota])

2007-08: Citizenship and Human Needs

Chair: Michael Katz (History)
Richard Johnston (Political Science [currently U. British Columbia])
Kok-chor Tan (Philosophy)
Sarah Paoletti (Law School)
Rogers M. Smith (Political Science)