Mariana Irby

BA in Linguistics and Russian Studies, Bryn Mawr College, 2015

I am a first-year student in linguistic anthropology. My previous projects and theses have primarily focused on the areas of language policy, ideology, and socialization, particularly in the post-Soviet Caucasus and Central Asia. My interests include the intrinsically related areas of national, cultural, and religious identity, especially with relation to the impact that such phenomena have on language use in the former USSR.

I am currently examining how the decline of Russian influence and simultaneous rise of pan-Turkic and pan-Persian ideologies in predominantly Turkic and Persian-speaking parts of the former Soviet Union are impacting language practices and notions of belonging among ethnic and linguistic minorities in these areas.

Research Interests:

Language ideology, national identity, sociolinguistics, semiotics, interethnic relations, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Islam in post-Soviet Eurasia