Penn Prof Receives SAA Award for Excellence in Archaeological Analysis

Congratulations to Dr. Harold Dibble, who has received the SAA’s Award for Excellence in Archaeological Analysis for his remarkable achievements in the study of chipped stone technology and Paleolithic archaeology. In addition to being a professor here in the Anthropology Department, Dr. Dibble is also a curator in the European Section of the Penn Museum.  Dr. Dibble’s contributions are extensive and include reinterpretation of Paleolithic typology; examination of technology in relation to raw material access, taphonomy and site formation processes; experiments into the formation of flakes; the study of symbolic behavior, and the development of field techniques. His research on such sites as Combe-Capelle Bas, Tabun, and La Ferrassie has revolutionized our understanding of Middle Paleolithic technological organization and land-use, with implications that extend well beyond western Eurasia and North Africa. He has set an exceptionally high standard for actualistic research in a laboratory setting. Dr. Dibble’s legacy is enhanced by his outstanding record of collaboration and student training. In presenting this award the SAA recognizes Dr. Dibble’s significant and lasting contributions to lithic analysis.