Dr. Janet Monge reveals bones of serial killer H.H. Holmes

Dr. Janet Monge, faculty member in the Department of Anthropology and curator-in-charge of the Physical Anthropology Collection at the Penn Museum, is part of a team who has helped to unearth what is now considered to be the final resting place of infamous serial killer, H.H. Holmes, for the HISTORY program, “American Ripper.”
Holmes gained recent public prominence as a substantial plot element in Erik Larson’s New York Times best-selling book, Devil in the White City. Born Herman W. Mudgett, Holmes is thought to have murdered 9-200 individuals during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, before being arrested and executed for his alleged crimes.
The production company spearheading the program “American Ripper,” which is about Holmes and his crimes, hired Dr. Monge and her associate Samantha Cox, a consulting scholar at the Penn Museum, to provide expertise in identifying his exhumed remains.
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