Media Meets Scholarship

CAMRAAnthropology Professor John Jackson and a group of media-savvy students and faculty from across the university are collaborating on a new project known as CAMRA.

CAMRA is a community of researchers dedicated to new pedagogic possibilities through the use of media. CAMRA’s day-to-day research activities and program operations are conducted by the Core Team and under the guidance of our three Directors. The Core Team, along with the Affiliated Faculty, work closely with Student Affiliates whose scholarly media projects complicate normative understandings of knowledge and knowledge production.

CAMRA is a transdisciplinary collaborative, and its purpose is to experiment with multimodal methods and forms of representation throughout the various phases of the university research (from design to dissemination). CAMRA’s goal is to understand the implications and affordances of these representational strategies on university knowledge production and academic research.  Thus, CAMRA and its members ask questions about the affordances, challenges, possibilities, and limits of diverse media forms on scholarship, and we realize that to achieve this goal we must take on a pedagogic focus, informing, teaching, learning and sharing with those within and outside of the academic community.  Therefore, there is a strong focus within CAMRA to build community and develop a vibrant network of scholars, practitioners, researchers, media-makers and the like across Penn, among universities, and between universities and the communities they serve.  The following activities operationalize these aforementioned goals and strive to put into practice our guiding principles of collaboration and participation.