Anthrofest 2013 (2/22/2013)

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Anthrofest is our annual symposium of excellent undergraduate anthropology research projects. Students present their works-in-progress including thesis work and summer field work. The event brings together undergraduates from across all subfields, as well as faculty and the broader undergraduate and graduate community. Anthropology Undergraduate Research Fellows also have the opportunity to present their research from the past year.

To find a particular presentation, skip to the corresponding timestamp:

Charles Washington
"An Examination of the  HBB gene in African Populations"

Mike Chen
"Labor Migration, Demographic Change, and Development in China"

Lisa Doi
"Behind the Gates: The Wagner Free Institute of Science and its Neighborhood"

Sabine Harrington
"Comparative Heterotopic Ossification & a Curious Osteopathy"

Kyle deSandes-Moyer
"Role of Dogs in Roman peasant life"

Liz Jacobs
"Let the Games begin: Olympic pageantry and favela removal in Rio de Janeiro"

Marguerite Leone
"Rock Art Ranch Summer 2012 Field Season Report"

Divya Mishra
"Everyday life in Kashmir: The maintenance of calm amidst political violence"