Anthrofest 2012 (2/24/2012)

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Anthrofest is our annual symposium of excellent undergraduate anthropology research projects. Students present their works-in-progress including thesis work and summer field work. The event brings together undergraduates from across all subfields, as well as faculty and the broader undergraduate and graduate community. Anthropology Undergraduate Research Fellows also have the opportunty to present their research from the past year.

To find a particular presentation, skip to the corresponding timestamp:

Jennifer McAuley
"The Roman Peasant Project 2011"

Alexander Niculescu
"Harm Reduction, Biopower, and the Micropolitics of Resistance at Prevention Point Philadelphia"

Paul Mitchell
"Flat Feet From Afar: The Mosaic Evolution of Hominin Bipedalism"

Julia McLean
"Porridge to Pastry: The Spread of Cereal Grains into Central Asia and onto the Kazakh Table"

Monika Wasik
"The Relationship Between Women's Health and Women's Rights in Ethiopia's Amharic Region"

Myles Karp
"Dubstep, Darwin, and the Prehistoric Invention of Music"

Ollin Venegas
"Health and Manhood in a Guatemalan Gym: Patterns Contra to Machismo"

Alexander Tickle
"O ca├žador e o chefe- hunting and hierarchy in Madjajane, Mozambique"