How do qualitative social scientists study urban communities? What kinds of powerful tales can be told about urban lifestyles and social issues/conflicts in places like Philadelphia? This course will allow students to study various ethnographic treatments of urban communities in the United States, using films, articles, TV serials, and books as guides for the framing of their own independent research on the streets of Philadelphia. Students will also form production teams of two or three people, and these production teams will be responsible for (i) identifying and researching an important urban issue in contemporary Philadelphia and (ii) turning that research into a 15-30 minute radio documentary that will be broadcast on a local Philadelphia radio station, WURD 900AM. Mixing radio/audio journalism with ethnographic methods, will enhance their skills at archival and social research, participant- observation, interviewing techniques, sound editing, and production. This course is intended to be a rigorous and exciting opportunity for students to tell empirically grounded stories using the voices of their subjects and the sounds of the city.
Section 401 - SEM -
M 0200PM-0500PM