ANTH539 - Cultural Heritage and Cultural Policy

This seminar discusses how cultural heritage is put to use in the wider public sphere and the cultural policies that come to bear upon it. Whether designed for consumption at a tourist destination, displayed in a museum, or produced to inform good public policy, heritage has become a vital part of an informed and educated civil society. But it would be well to ask: what kind of culture, economics, and politics are necessary to sustain heritage? How are these put in place? By whom? For whom? Over the course of the semester, students will engage with readings that discuss how heritage is communicated to the public, the relationship between academic critique and pragmatic social engagement, and the career paths available for students in heritage tourism, museums, government, and other cultural institutions. Our weekly discussions will explore the ways that cultural policy can serve the public good but also the kinds of debates and problems that arise in the process.
Section 640 - SEM -
M 0500PM-0740PM