Robert Vigar


I am an archaeologist whose primary researchinterests lie in understanding the social, economic and historical perspectivesof the trade in illicit antiquities from the Middle East, as well as thetrade’s use as a financing tool for conflict in the region. My concernment withthese issues has grown over the past few years whilst simultaneously working atthe UK government’s Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism and completing myMasters degree. Further, I hope to investigate questions surrounding thefacilitation networks that perpetuate the trade in illicit antiquities, thedislocation of populations from their own history and how local investment inheritage can strengthen communities against extremist ideologies.


M.A. Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, University College London 2014, B.A. Egyptian Archaeology, University College London 2011

Research Interests

Cultural heritage; illicit antiquities; counter-terrorist finance; archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa; Arabic; indigenous archaeologies; heritage and identity; conflict archaeologies; heritage and localism

Graduate Status