Tracie Canada

Visiting Scholar


I’m a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Virginia. Based on more than a year of ethnographic fieldwork with Black college football players at universities in the southeastern U.S., my dissertation, Tackling the Everyday: Race, Family, and Nation in Big-Time College Football, explores how structures of race, affiliation and kin, surveillance, and injury shape the lived experiences of these athletes. My work moves off the gridiron into the daily lives of the young Black athletes that sustain this American sport to demonstrate how their individual subjectivities and career trajectories are implicated by participation in a multi-billion dollar industry.

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2020 (exp.)      University of Virginia, Ph.D., Socio-Cultural Anthropology
2016                University of Virginia, M.A., Socio-Cultural Anthropology
2013                Duke University, B.A., Cultural Anthropology and Spanish

Research Interests

Anthropology of sport; African American ethnography; institutions of higher education; United States

Faculty Status