Anthropology majors (regardless of the track they have declared for the major) may also choose to declare one of the ‘concentrations’ listed below by taking any three of the listed courses as part of their fourteen required major courses. It is not necessary to choose a concentration in order to major in anthropology.

Medical Anthropology & Global Health

  • Anth 213: 'Local Biologies' (Petryna)
  • Anth 234: 'Pharmaceuticals and Global Health' (Petryna)
  • Anth 238: ‘Intro to Medical Anthropology’ (Barg)
  • Anth 244: 'Disease and Human Evolution' (Schurr)
  • Anth 260: ‘Cultures of Science and Technology’ (Petryna)
  • Anth 273: ‘Globalization and Health’ (Petryna)
  • Anth 309: 'Psychoanalysis and Anthropology' (Urban)
  • Anth 441: ‘Cross-Cultural Approaches to Health and Illness’ (Barg)

Cultural Contact and Colonialism

  • Anth 103: Empires: Akkad to America (Ristvet)
  • Anth 254: Archaeology of the Inca (Erickson)
  • Anth 224: Nineveh, Babylon and Persepolis (Ristvet)
  • Anth 451: Historical Archaeology (Schuyler)
  • Anth 5xx: ‘Decolonizing Methodologies’ (Bruchac)

Native American Studies

  • Anth 133: ‘Native Peoples and the Environment’ (Erickson)
  • Anth 223: ‘Indigenous Archaeologies’ (Bruchac)
  • Anth 307: ‘Contemporary Native Americans’ (Bruchac)
  • Anth 308: ‘Ethnohistory of the Native Northeast’ (Bruchac)
  • Anth 328: ‘Performing Culture, Native American Arts’ (Bruchac)