Senior Thesis Abstract (Bracken)


Diqdiqqah, a Suburb of Ur

Justin Bracken

Sub-field: Archaeology

Advisor: Richard Zettler, Archaeologist, Department of Anthropology

The site of Diqdiqqah existed as a suburb located about one and a half kilometers from the ancient city of Ur in Mesopotamia, and is known to us through the excavations at Ur performed by Sir C. Leonard Woolley from 1922 to 1934. The site shows evidence of occupation from Third Dynasty of Ur through the Persian Period. The only archaeological evidence remaining at the site was one corner of a building, dubbed the "Treasury of Sin-Iddinam" by its excavator Max Mallowan, and numerous artifacts strewn across and just below the surface. Over the course of the excavations, about 1600 artifacts were recovered from the site, all of them without any provenience or stratigraphic information, as none could be provided. Analysis of the artifacts and inscriptions upon some of them, as well as of the ancient course of the Euphrates River and the many canals in the region, indicates that the site may have been a significant location for overseas trade coming in from the Persian Gulf. Perhaps most noteworthy about the objects found there is the great number of terracottas, a number that surpasses those found even at Ur. Further investigation into the site may reveal an important node in shipping and trade, and possibly even the "Harbor District" which has never been satisfactorily located at Ur.

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