Cluny 910-2010

European-wide celebrations mark the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Cluny, the most far-reaching and influential monastic order of all Christendom. This course will look closely at the sculpture, manuscripts, and architecture of the motherhouse in Cluny to gain an overview of Cluniac production and evaluate some historiographic chestnuts (was there a “Cluniac art”? does its art project monastic thought particular to Cluny?). The course will also consider the order’s reach throughout Europe (what was its influence on art and architecture within the order? beyond the order?), considering its major dependencies in France (Souvigny, Moissac, Vézelay), Spain (Sahagún, Cardeña, Nájera, San Juan de la Peña), Germany (Hirsau, Alpirsbach), Switzerland (Payerne, Romainmôtier), and Italy (Polirone, Rodengo, Vertemate).

The course includes a week-long trip to Burgundy to visit Cluny and to explore two major exhibitions of Cluniac art held at Cluny, in the company of Dr. Neil Stratford, curator of the "Cluny 910-2010" exhibition.  Visits will also be made to exceptional sites: Autun (pictured), Mâcon, Semur, Souvigny, Charlieu, Paray-le-Monial, among others.