August 2019

L. Downing, " Through The Camera’s Eye: Performing Pictures in Babette Mangolte's The Camera: Je/La Caméra: I " (Advisor, K. Silverman)

T. Williams, " A Space to Appear, A Space to Tarry: Plurality and the Nocturnal Visual Politics of Lingering in Michael Abramson’s Black Night Clubs on Chicago’s South Side Series" (Advisor, K. Silverman)


May 2019

K. Bong,"Michelangelo's Peducci: Painter as Architect, Painted Architecture, and Architectural Painting" (Advisor, D. Kim)

E. Lasry, "“Framing Fatherhood: Berthe Morisot’s Images of Paternity” (Advisor, A. Dombrowski)


August 2018

F. Richman, "Architecture of the Everyday: Guild House by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown" (Advisor, D. Brownlee)


May 2018

R. Bernhaut, "Five-Faced SIVA's Four-Faced Temples: An Examination of the Relation and Significance of the Temples at Masrur and Bajaura in the Western Himalaya" (Advisor, M. Meister)

A. Del Conte, "Preserved in Portraits: Tracing the Artistic Practice of Henrietta De Beaulieu Dering Johnston, 1704-1726" (Advisor, G. Shaw)

O. Dudnik, "An Early Dada Artist: Francis Picabia's "Impressionist" Period" (Advisor, A. Dombrowski)

J. Hough, "Particles Shared: Photographic Source and Surface in the Recent Works of Vija Celmins" (Advisor, K. Silverman)

R. Mize, "Intermedial Impulses in Peter Frederick Rothermel's Battle of Gettysburg (1870)" (Advisor, M. Leja)


December 2017

N. Adachi, "Constructing Artistic Japan: Making and Viewing the Image of Japan in Yokohama Photography" (Advisor, J. Davis)

J. Barton, "Architectured Painting: Le Corbusier's Purist Vision of Space, 1918-1925" (Advisor, C. Poggi)

M. Boomer, "Sanctified Microcosms: The Mashhad of Sayyida Ruqayya and Medieval Cairene Devotional Space" (Advisor, R. Holod)

A. Stinebring, "Virtuosic Ugliness and the Profanely Sacred: Hendrick ter Brugghen's Adoration of the Magi" (Advisor, L. Silver)


August 2017

P. Kim. "Making Digital Vision: Sight and Ritual at Balalyk-Tepe (7th - 8th c CE) (Advisor, R. Holod)


May 2017

L. Custer,  "Resources of Revival: Histories of Art and Nation in Edward Lamson Henry's The Lafayette Reception at Cliveden" (Advisor, G. Shaw)

F. Ferrari, "Visions in the Crowd: Gendering the Masses in Interwar German Art" (Advisor, C. Poggi)


May 2016

E. Allen, "Inscribing the Hills with Victory: Authorship and Community in the Tropaeum Traiani at Adamclisi"  (Advisor, A. Kuttner)

H. Chang, "Female Waitresses, Dance Hall Women, and the Cosmopolitan Roots of Modern Agency: The Visual Culture of Korea's Cafe Waitresses and New York's Dance Hall Women" (Advisor, G. Shaw)

J. Dreskin, "Making by Breaking: Faciality and Picasso's Mademoiselle Leonie" (Advisor, C. Poggi)

K. Gill, "Figures of Speech: Silence and Noise in Lawrence Abu Hamdan's Audio Forensics" (Advisor, C. Poggi)


May 2015

S. Danhakl, "Authenticity, Artifice, and Fraud: Artistic Humbuggery in John Haberle's Trompe L'Oeil Money Paintings" (Advisor, M. Leja)

G. Stevenson , "A Lithuanian Tailor-Made for the Grande Armee: Antoine-Jean Gros' Eylau, the Enlightenment Gaze, and the Slavic "Other" (Advisor, A. Dombrowski)


May 2014

M. Antonucci, "Italy at the Venice Biennale of 1976: Curating for the Post-1968" (Advisor, C. Poggi)

I. Choi, "Deconstructing the Discourse on Contemporary Chinese Art" (Advisor, J. Davis)

M. Donnelly, "Escapes into Iowa: Grant Wood's Agricultural Playgrounds, 1930-1936" (Advisor, M. Leja)

A. Kauffman, "Robert Raushenberg and the Extended Genesis of Erased de Kooning Drawing" (Advisor, C. Poggi)

J. Vaum, "Kerry James Marshall's Invisible Man" (Advisor, G. Shaw)


December 2013

J. Sperling, "The Echo of Encounter: Discovery Narratives in the History of American Popular Art, 1935-2013" (Advisor, G. Shaw)


May 2013

S. Hagan, "Rubens's Nova Roma:  Recovering Heroes from an Antique Past" (Advisor:  L. Silver)

M. Isgro, "INTERIOR EXPOSURES:  Women and the Practice of Home Portraiture, 1885-1920" (Advisor, M. Leja)

A. Murphy, "Manuel Panselinos and the Quest for Artistic Personality in Buzantium" (Advisor, R. Ousterhout)


August 2012

H. Hughes, "Istanbul a La Mode:  Osman Hamdi Bey and the Modern Ottoman Woman" (Advisor:  R. Holod)

E. Neumeier, "An Anatolian Mont Sainte-Victoire:  French Painting and Turkish Modernism" (Advisor:  A. Dombrowski)

E. Warner, "Action Painting as Art Criticism:  Rereading Harold Rosenberg On Art" (Advisor:  M. Leja)


May 2012

R. DeArmas, "Warrior Saints Defending Constantinople" (Advisor:  R. Ousterhout)


August 2011

S. D'Addio, "Cruel Intentions? Charles V's Encounter with the Concistoro Frescoes of Domenico Beccafumi" (Advisor:  M. Cole)


May 2011

C. Ickes, "Imagining Pocahontas:  Lessons on Legible Time and timelessness in British Portraiture" (Advisor:  G. Shaw)

J. Kenmotsu, "Sites and Sights of Pleasure in the Eastern Capital:  Poetry, Place, and Patronage in Suzuki Harunobu’s Zashiki hakkei and Fūryū zashiki hakkei" (Advisor:  J. Davis)

E. Newman, "Noise Annoys:  The Unknown Masterpiece and the Fate of the Artist" (Advisor:  K. Silverman)


August 2010

F. Marzullo, "Between Hymen and Diana:  Allusion and Eccentricity in Charles Willson Peale’s  Mary White Morris" (Advisor:  M. Leja)

A. Venator, "A Woman Who Needs No Introduction:  Yoko Ono" (Advisor:  C. Poggi)


May 2010

L. Baradel, "Defending The Cabin: American Identity in D.W. Griffith’s Early Westerns" (Advisor:  K. Beckman)

R. Erickson, "Animal-Borne Imaging:  Embodied Point-of-View and the Ethics of Identification" (Advisor:  K. Beckman)

C. Robbins, "The Critical Reception of the Work of Frank Kune, 1950-1954: The Black and White Abstractions and the Calligraphy Metaphor" (Advisor:  M. Leja)