October 8, 2012

It is time to submit proposals for Summer 2013 course offerings that are rostered through the School of Liberal and Professional Studies. If you are interesting in teaching a course, please send the title, a brief description and your preferred session (SSI, SSII or 12-week), as well as two day/time preferences to Professor Holly Pittman (hpittman@sas.upenn.edu) no later than Monday, October 15th.


Time Blocks 12-Week Session Since many LPS students commute to campus, classes that meet after 5:00 often are better enrolled than classes that begin at 4:30 or 5:00. Please ask your instructors to keep this in mind as they select desired times for their classes.  

• 1 evening a week:

o 4:30-7:40

o 5:00-8:10

o 5:30-8:40

o 6:00-9:10

o 6:30-9:40  

• Saturday morning for the same length of time (3 hours 10 minutes)  

• 2 evenings a week:

o Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

• 5:30-7:10

• 6:00-7:40  

Summer Sessions I and II Summer Session I attract a number of Penn students who are involved in internships, summer jobs, and other activities that compete with class times. Many of these students prefer to attend classes at the end of the day, thereby leaving larger portions of the day open for other commitments. Summer Session II includes a significant number of students who have more flexibility in taking courses during the day.   Six-Week Session   Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (Class meetings daily)

• 9:00-10:35

• 10:40-12:15

• 1:00-2:35

• 2:40-4:15

• 4:20-5:55

  Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday (Class meets twice a week)

• 9:00a-12:10p

• 1:00-4:10p

• 5:30-8:40

• 6:00-9:10

• 6:00p-9:00p