July 31, 2012


Graduate Student Julia Perratore is spending the summer at Glencairn Museum as a Curatorial Fellow. The Curatorial Fellowship is sponsored and funded by the Department of the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania. The purpose of this program is to assist students who wish to develop and refine their curatorial skills in area museums. 

Julia is working with Glencairn’s curator, Ed Gyllenhaal, on a variety of projects, including an exciting new exhibition this fall. When she is not working at Glencairn, Julia is finishing up her dissertation on the Romanesque sculpture of Spain. She will graduate from the University of Pennsylvania this August with a Ph.D. in Art History.


According to Julia, “Glencairn’s collection of medieval art is truly marvelous, offering a rare opportunity to study the Middle Ages up-close in an American institution, and my exploration of the museum’s holdings has delighted me thus far. I am pleased to learn more and more about medieval stained glass each day, though as a sculpture specialist, I am particularly fond of Glencairn’s many exquisite works of Romanesque stone carving. These works, mostly dating from the twelfth century, bring back to life the beliefs, customs and even the sense of humor of patrons, artists and spectators that lived long ago. There is no substitute for the powerful experience of viewing medieval art in person, and I hope that my research on the collection will enrich visitors’ explorations of Glencairn in the future!”