May 24, 2019

Prof. Shira Brisman receives the 2019 Schulman and Bullard Article Prize.

Shira Brisman, Assistant Professor, History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania has been awarded the 2019 Schulman and Bullard Article Prize. Now in its fifth year, this award is given by the Association of Print Scholars (APS) to an article published by an early-career scholar that features compelling and innovative research on prints or printmaking. Brisman’s article, “A Matter of Choice: Printed Design Proposals and the Nature of Selection, 1470-1610” was published in Renaissance Quarterly, volume 71 (2018) pp. 114-64. A link to the article can be found here.

Brisman’s article addresses the generative nature of botanical design elements in sixteenth-century prints and decorative objects, and correlates it to the similarly adaptable and organic nature of descriptive terminology. The writing was praised as “a fascinating discourse on generation and transmission.” One juror noted that “Brisman’s essay is a lively, well-written, and stimulating reflection on the richness of artistic inheritance,” while another juror noted her appreciation of the essay's formulation of a new function for prints. It is clear that the article will interest a broad audience of curators, conservators, collectors, and scholars.

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