ARTH102 - EURO ART & CIV > 1400

This course is an introduction to the visual arts including painting, sculpture, print culture, and new media such as photography, film, performance and installation art-in Europe and the United States from 1400 to the present. It offers a broad historical overview of the key movements and the artists of the period, as well as an investigation into the crucial themes and contexts that mark visual art production after the middle ages. Such themes include the secularization of art; the (gendered) role of the artist in society; the sites of art production and consumption such as the artist's studio, the royal courts and the art exhibition; the materials of art; the import of technology and science to art's making, content and distribution; the rise of art criticism; and the socio-political contexts of patronage and audience; among others.
Section 920 - LEC
MW 0130PM-0340PM