ARTH100 - INTRO TO ART: Spiegel Contemporary Art Freshman Seminar

Topic Varies.
Section 301 - SEM
(ART HISTORY IN THE PRESENT: CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN AND HER CIRCLE) Ever wonder about what contemporary artists are reading, writing, and debating, and how those practices influence and inform their work? What about about how one writes and conducts scholarship about artists in the present? This Spiegel Freshman Seminar will explore the life and work of pioneering artist Carolee Schneemann (b. 1939) and her circle of friends and colleagues. Carolee Schneemann is an artist who, for the past forty years, has been at the forefront of performance, installation, conceptual, and video art, and her work in the 1960s prefigured in many ways the feminist movement and the field of women’s studies. The seminar will itself be structured around the artist’s own epistolary accounting of her life history (“Correspondence Course,” Duke University Press, 2010), in order to examine the question of how to write about contemporary art history in the present. Each week, we will engage her own work, as well as her writings on and reminiscences with diverse artists such as Julian Beck, Ana Mendieta, Hannah Wilke, Charlotte Moorman, Yvonne Rainer, Anthony McCall, Joseph Cornell, Stan Brackhage, Allan Kaprow, and other contemporaries. We will also read the work of art historians and critics of this time with whom she has corresponded, such as Kristine Stiles, Amelia Jones, Bonnie Marranca, Pierre Restany, Roselee Goldberg, Thomas McEvilley, and Arturo Schwartz. In so doing, we will learn why Lucy Lippard has referred to her life and work as a “mythological revolution,” one that has radically transformed the conditions of artistic practice by directly engaging the public in the production of the work. As part of the course, students will visit the artist in her studio in upstate New York, where they will participate in a dialogue with the artist which will be filmed. The course will also coincide with a two-part exhibition about the artist’s work at Slought Foundation and at The Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Enrollment in this seminar is limited to 10 students.
W 0200PM-0500PM