ARTH711 - SEMINAR INDIAN ART: Indian Temple Architecture

Topic varies.
Section 401 - SEM
Throughout South Asia between 350 and 800 CE, varieties of stone architecture evolved to provide shelter for images of deities, those who used them for ritual, and a shifting audience of patrons and devotees. These temples can be seen as an extreme case architecture's dictum that “form follows function”: where forms themselves became a primary symbolic function for the monument. Several problems can be addressed in approaching these temples: sources of their unique forms; the nature of symbolism embodied; changing uses; and the remarkable variety of regional expressions over time. This seminar intends to train your eye to see the forms of the temple, to recognize their meanings, to be able to test and analyze their evolution over time, and to interpret and discuss their regional expressions.
F 1200PM-0200PM
  • SAST711401