Topic varies. No prerequisite. Open to advanced undergraduates with permission of the instructor.
Section 401 - SEM
ARTH 521: CLASSICAL COLLECTIONS— We will survey the great 19th century European and American collections of ancient art, both public and private, with special attention to collections of Greek vases. We will consider the provenance and display of these collections, as well as the collectors, both institutions and individuals. This will form the background to our consideration of the collection of Greek vases in the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Much of this material comes from archaeological excavations, but we will also consider the many collections, formed in the late 19th century—often by prominent Philadelphians, which were given to the Museum and constitute a very significant addition to its excavated material. We will study these individual collections and their collectors and donors, and thus the Museum’s collections will serve as an important resource for this course, as will the documentation preserved in both the Museum’s Archives and in archival repositories throughout the city.
T 0300PM-0500PM
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