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ARTH 528: ROME AND SPALATO: TRAJAN'S FORUM, DIOCLETIAN'S BATHS AND PALACE. [Williams On-Site Seminar in Roman Architecture] Three gigantic Roman-Imperial building complexes in Rome and in Spalato – the Forum of Trajan (110s AD) and the baths of Diocletian and his palace (ca. 300 AD) – will provide the material basis of this proseminar. Its overarching goal consists in developing the skills and methods to analyze and document Roman architecture and its elements, drawing on published 18th-21st c. evidence as well as on practical studies in formal analysis and docu-mentation techniques. This course will be held in collaboration with Prof. John Hinchman, Penn Design, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation. It is geared toward students of architectural history, archaeology, art history, and the Classics. An on-site visit of the three architectural complexes in Rome and in Spalato/Split (Croa-tia) during spring break 2013 will be part of this proseminar, which is open to graduates and undergraduates. Permission required. Enrollement in HSPV 601 (Recording and Site Analysis: Tu 6-8 pm, Th 1:30-4:30 pm) will be mandatory for all participants. A first formal meeting of all participants will take place in mid-December 2012.
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