ARTH590 - Installations, Projections, Divagations

Section 301 - SEM
ARTH 590: INSTALLATIONS, PROJECTIONS, DIVAGATIONS— This course will be devoted to an international group of contemporary artists who make visual works that are time-based, like cinema, but that are exhibited in museums and galleries, instead of movie theaters: Knut Asdam, Jeremy Blake, Paul Chan, Janet Cardiff, Nancy Davenport, Tacita Dean, Omer Fast, Sharon Hayes, Pierre Huyghe, Isaac Julien, William Kentridge, Steve McQueen, Walid Raad, and Anri Sala. Some of these artists rely on digital cameras and computers, and others prefer 16mm film, but regardless which medium they use, they are having a transformative effect on the museum. They make work that cannot be hung on a wall or placed on a pedestal, that “takes up” space, as well as time, and that has an auditory dimension. It also resists commodification, engages in startlingly direct ways with the world outside, and teaches us to look and listen in new ways. (Limited to 16 students, by permission of the instructor.)
M 0200PM-0500PM