ARTH141 - Policy, Museums, and Cultural Heritage

This course will focus upon and examine the ethics of international heritage and the role that Museums play in the preservation of identity and cultural heritage. The mission of this course will be to inform and educate students about the role of Museums within the 21st century. What is the role and position of antiquities and important cultural objects in Museums? How should Museums acquire these objects and when should they be returned to countries and cultural groups? Examples from current issues will be included in the reading and discussions along with objects and issues within Penn Museum.
Section 401 - LEC
This class will examine the nature of Cultural Heritage as related to museums, the public, public policy, indigenous groups, and countries throughout the world. We will explore in depth the stories on the front page of newspapers while at the same time examine the ideas and structures behind these stories. Theory related to heritage, sacredness, colonialism, power, and human rights will all be central to this course.
TR 1030AM-1200PM
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