ARTH737 - Topics in Islamic Architecture

Topic varies.
Section 301 - SEM
The seminar will consider shrines as a central aspect of life within Islamic civilization, concentrating mainly on the post-Mongol invasion periods (1250-1700) in the central Islamic lands. Differing from mosques that have been described as ‘places where men pray together’ and structures for displaying dominion over territory, shrines on the other hand were loci of a sacred geography and engaged with memory and history as well as popular and high culture in other, myriad ways. As physical presences, a shrine can be any locus, ranging from shrine – cities with elaborate architectural pedigrees to trees hung with red ribbons. Shrines provide ready access for women as well as men, and are intermediate, liminal and intercessory spaces for refuge, retreat and renewal.
T 0500PM-0700PM